Diversity of Wildlife in Norway - Animals and Predators | PAN Tree Top Cabins

Finnskogen boasts one of the country’s richest arrays of wildlife. Here, you can encounter the much-discussed wolf, as well as bear, lynx, capercaillie, moose, deer, eagle, hawk, squirrel and rare species of owls. At PAN Tree Top Cabins, wildlife is right outside the door, and it doesn’t take many steps before finding yourself completely immersed in nature. Even though there are predators in the forest, this poses no problem for tourists. All predators are afraid of people and will run as soon as they sense human presence. Therefore, enjoying nature in Finnskogen is entirely safe. However, if you pay attention, you may come across tracks or droppings from these animals!

Gjessåsjøen lake is a nature reserve located a short distance from the cabins. It is considered one of the most interesting birdwatching spots in the entire southern region of Norway. The lake is a favored breeding area for many rare bird species. Additionally, it’s a great destination for a hike if one wishes to explore a different type of landscape outside the forest. The lake is home to over 170 different bird species, making it an incredibly exciting destination for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. Surrounding the lake are fields, but these are private property and cannot be used for hiking purposes.

At PAN Tree Top Cabins, we aim to maintain animals in their natural habitats. Therefore, there are no feeding stations or observation points designed to attract wildlife. We strive to minimize human influence while making wildlife observations even more thrilling!