Travel is all about people’s experiences, and we want a stay with us to provide new understanding and insight. We hope that well-preserved, untouched nature will give perspective to the great challenges of our time. We believe that through experiencing, people will better understand what we are in danger of losing.

PAN is a place where guests arrive with high expectations, which we work hard to fulfill. At the same time, we also have certain expectations from our visitors.

Situated in a unique natural setting, the premises for the stay are provided by nature itself. Here, everyone is a guest in the truest sense of the word.

PAN’s guests must contribute to thoughtful consumption, responsible travel and show respect for the surroundings during their stay. We also encourage longer stays at a time, to keep the environmental footprint as low as possible.

The Nature Diversity Act and the UN’s Sustainable Development goals guide our commitment to responsible operations. We are Green Key certified and work locally through collaboration with local companies and actors. In PAN, work training is offered to groups who would otherwise be at risk of exclusion from the workforce. This form of sustainability work is significant, motivating and a contribution to sustaining small local communities in Outer Norway.

PAN is part of the Ærli business network, where sustainability is a shared pillar. Ærli comprises a selection of Norwegian tourism actors dedicated to innovating tourism in order to foster vibrant districts and local communities through sustainable travel.