Our cabins

The three cabins that are part of PAN Treetop Cabins today accommodate six people, with one double bed and four single beds. Here, you will have all the amenities, including electricity, water, and comfort. The cabins are situated eight meters above the ground on the ground floor.


PAN 1 is situated on a small plateau, offering a magnificent view of the forest towards Østerdalen and Hedmarksvidda. It provides an exceptional vantage point, allowing guests to gaze over the vast fields of Hedmark while also having a clear view of the woodland landscape.


PAN 2 is surrounded by dense mixed forest, creating a serene atmosphere that captures the charm of Finnskogen. Above the treetops, there is a magnificent view down towards the Gjesåssjøen nature reserve, renowned for its unique birdlife. There are great opportunities for guests to observe wildlife on the ground and birds in the treetops, while enjoying their stay at this cabin.


PAN 3 is well-hidden among the trees, providing a genuine sense of tranquility within the forest. Here, one can enjoy the view while also having the opportunity to observe the interactions within the forest up close.