PAN 2 – Panhytter


PAN 2 is surrounded by dense mixed forest, immediately evoking an intimate sense of the forest’s tranquility and the mystique of Finnskogen. Above the treetops lies a magnificent view down towards the Gjesåssjøen nature reserve, renowned for its unique birdlife. The opportunities to observe wildlife on the ground and birdlife in the treetops are abundant during a stay in this cabin.

The cabins at PAN Treetop Cabins are completely identical inside. They are 40 square meters, positioned eight meters above the ground, and accommodate six people with four single beds and one double bed. All cabins are equipped with modern amenities, including electricity and running water, and are divided into three distinct areas that also function as separate bedrooms.

In PAN 2, you get the best of both the forest and wildlife!