Active holiday or relaxation with top-quality food and drinks? PAN Treetop Cabins are situated in the nature paradise of Finnskogen in Hedmark, offering a wide range of possibilities. Here, you can enjoy unique hiking experiences right outside your door, with or without a guide. The locally sourced food is inspired by the rich history of Finnskogen, where healthy, nutritious, and sustainable cuisine takes center stage.

Adventure on the river

Deep in the heart of Finnskogen lie the rivers Kynna and Flisaelva, which are perfect choices for those seeking a serene wilderness experience, those looking to challenge themselves, or those in search of a bit of adrenaline. This is a Class 1-3 river suitable for most paddlers across various levels of experience.

Join us for a wolf safari and listen to the wolves howl.

With a locally knowledgeable guide, embark on a forest excursion to find a suitable spot where you can listen for the wolf howls. This truly special experience is most thrilling in the evening.

Sleigh ride & horse and carriage tour

We offer sleigh rides in winter and carriage rides during the summer season, providing a magical experience suitable for all ages through beautiful woodland landscapes.

Climbing park

Within walking distance from the cabins is Gjesåsen Climbing Park—an enjoyable challenge for all ages. PAN’s guests receive a 15% discount on tickets to the park.

Forest bog safari with stand-up paddling

A unique exploration in the hidden areas of Finnskogen with a guide from Outdoor Finnskogen. Experience the bustling bird life and discover the hidden treasures of the lake on a water exploration journey.

Track safari

The vibrant wildlife of Finnskogen offers exciting experiences. Join a guided tour to observe the forest’s inhabitants in their natural habitat. Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to spot a moose behind a spruce thicket?

Tours, skiing, and snowshoeing

There are numerous hiking opportunities in Finnskogen, and experiencing nature on foot is often the best way to take it all in. Marked trails for hiking are located right outside the cabins. In the winter, several fantastic ski trails are just a short drive away. It’s also possible to rent snowshoes for a close-up experience of untouched nature.

Fishing in Finnskogen

Finnskogen is well known for its numerous beautiful fishing lakes, offering plenty of fishing opportunities from both boats and the shore. Join us for a fishing trip in the summer or ice fishing in the winter, where we pursue pike, perch, and burbot.

Bike rental in Finnskogen

With 500 kilometers of continuous forest roads, Finnskogen is a fantastic starting point for cycling enthusiasts.

Finnskogen spa treatments

Indulge in the ultimate luxury and book a spa treatment during your stay. Enjoy a relaxing moment with one of our skilled therapists. Only organic and natural products are used during the treatment.

Gapahuk Experience

PAN’s gapahuk is handcrafted following traditional building techniques, constructed without the use of nails. This great hiking destination is located approximately one kilometer from the cabins.