Local cuisine - Culinary Experience in Finnskogen | PAN Tree Top Cabins

Food is history and can reveal much about the area you are in, and we take this very seriously. That’s why we have opened a café that operates on weekends during the summer. Café Søstuen is idyllically situated by Gjesåssjøen, within walking distance from the cabins, close to the Gjesåssjøen nature reserve teeming with abundant birdlife.

Local and organic goods are featured on the menu, and there is also a small farm shop in the same building. Through PAN and Café Søstuen, we collaborate with a selection of local businesses and small-scale producers who share the same values as us. Together, we aim to preserve local traditions and emphasize healthy food that tastes good, produced with minimal impact on the environment.

We also rent out the café as a meeting venue outside opening hours, welcoming businesses and larger groups throughout the year.