Outdoor Activities in Lean-To Shelter | PAN Treetop Cabins


A gapahuk is a central part of Norwegian outdoor life. Traditionally this was a place where you would find shelter with a warming fire. PAN’s Gapahuk is handmade and based on old building traditions. As a result no nails have been used in the building. This is a nice hiking destination located about one kilometer from the cabins. Bring a book, play hide and seek with the kids or fire up in the bonfire in the winter. You will find the path to PAN Gapahuk along the main road.  Just look for a round, black sign.

For groups we offer the Gapahuk Experience where you learn more about the local history and participate in fun activities. In the winter season there will be torches all the way through the forest, lighting up the path to the gapahuk. In the summer season you will have the natural light and the beautiful sunset as a companion through the woods. The PAN Gapahuk Experience is a memory for life and enjoying a meal in untouched nature is a truly unique experience.

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