- The perfect refuge

"In the middle of a fabulous nature reserve where wildlife lives freely, visitors will discover an architectural nugget with all modern comforts in the middle of the forest. PAN ticks all the boxes of the perfect winter refuge. "


Two hours away from Oslo

Pan Treetop Cabins are located at Finnskogen, about a two-hours drive away from Oslo and Gardermoen. If you come from Hamar or Kongsvinger it will take you an hour to drive here and if you go from Värmland, Sweden it takes you around 20 minutes to get here.

Gift card

A gift card for a stay in our cabins is a unusual and popular gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or other special occasions.


From the top of the trees, you will get a panoramic view of the surroundings. When you see the view from a birds eye perspective it will give your experience of nature a whole new dimension.

The mysticism of Finnskogen

PAN Treetop Cabins are located at Finnskogen, in Solør. Finnskogen is a great natural reserve brimming with history and a plethora of species. Mystery and the inexplicable have always been a part of daily life for the Finnish people who settled there. The Finnish settlers most important god was called Tapio, a Finnish version of our Pan, the greek god of forests and meadows. Read more