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Hvor er gapahuken?

Gå tilbake langs vegen dere kom. Etter en kilometer kommer du til en stor snuplass på toppen av berget. Her går det sti inn til venstre som leder deg til PAN Gapahuk. Se etter et svart, rundt stålskilt med PAN som står festet til en stor stein på venstre side av vegen.  Her er det benker og bord med sitteplass til 12 stykker. På vinteren står det bålpanne og ved i gapahuken.

Price, check in and check out?

A stay at PAN have a minimum cost of 3900 NOK. This varies with the season, the day of the week and the number of people. Check in is at 15.00, check out is at 12.00.

I don’t like heights. This is probably not for me?

PAN is an experience for everyone even though you might be a little sceptic when it comes to heights. The entrance goes through a spiral staircase with tight grids on all sides. This leads to a bridge with handrails on both sides before entering the cabin itself. If you still are a bit concerned, we recommend taking your stay in PAN 2. It lies more down in the terrain with the forest closer and you do not feel the height as massive as on PAN

How can I cook?

PAN has a state-of-the-art kitchen with electricity, water and everything you need for cooking. In the kitchen there is equipment for every dish, easy or advanced. Outside there is a bonfire pan, but it is removed during dry periods and during the bonfire ban period. Then there will be a barbecue at the service building that guests can use instead. 

How do I book or buy gift cards?

You can book a stay or buy a gift card online on our website! Check our booking section on our front page.

Is there electricity and water?

Comfort is an important part of our experience at PAN! Both tree top cabins have electricity and water. The shower in the bathroom has a rainfall shower head to add to the feeling of nature indoors.

Are the cabins safe?

Safety has been the most important key point in building the cabins! The construction has been extensively tested by an external company and the cabins are measured to withstand more strain than the equivalent of a double hurricane. Safety measures have also been made in case of thunder and lightning. Precise safety assessments have been made by the project’s architect and engineer and a stay at PAN Tree Top cabins is perfectly safe as long as you follow the safety recommendations, rules and regulations.

Are the cabins cold and dreary when we arrive?

All the floors have underfloor heating so the temperature in the cabin is always good. If you arrive at a time that coincides with our preparations in the cabin, we will light a fire in the fireplace for you.

Will the cabin feel small and cramped?

PAN tree top cabins are 40m. The cabins are very well utilized with many space-saving solutions. The cabins are divided into three different areas so you will be able to have your privacy if needed.

Is it possible to order food?

We can provide breakfast, lunch and dinner made from local products. All food is ordered in our booking system. The latest order is one week in advance.

Where is the nearest grocery store?

PAN is 10 km away from the nearest grocery store called Joker Kjellmyra. Our town centre, Flisa, is 15 km from the cabins. Flisa is a small town where you will find a good selection of grocery stores, a mall and quaint little boutique shops

How do I get to the cabins?

After booking a stay with us, we will send you road descriptions and other useful information.

We drive an electric car – can it be charged during the stay?

At the technical house near the cabins there are two power sockets that can be used for charging.

Can more than six people stay in the cabin?

There are six beds per cabin. Due to safety, we do not allow that the number of people staying in one cabin exceed six people.

Is a stay at PAN Tree Top Cabins safe for children?

PAN is a great place for children. However, children must be supervised. Remember, you are 8 meters above ground.

Is PAN Tree Top Cabins suitable for a company?

It certainly is! In addition to PAN Tree Top Cabins, we have an old timber cabin with ten beds. This cabin has wi-fi and everything you need for a corporate gathering. We can also tailor activities and arrangements for you!

Are there dangerous animals at Finnskogen?

Despite the fact that Finnskogen has a rare and exciting kingdom of various species such as wolf, bear, lynx and moose, this is not to be considered a danger. These animals fear people and they flee immediately should you come across them in the forest.

What are the possibilities of hunting and fishing?

Finnskogen is an eldorado for all types of outdoor activities. With many lakes and a hunting ground of 160,000 acres, there are excellent opportunities for hunting and fishing. Contact us for an exciting trip with some of our skilled guides.

How far apart are the two tree top cabins?

PAN 1 and PAN 2 are 100 meters apart.