The two cabins that make up Pan treetop cabins, have both room for 6 people sleeping over, one king size bed and four single beds. Pan treetop cabins have electricity, water, shower and offers a high standard of living with all the necessary facilities.

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Due to allergies, no pets are allowed. PAN is also a non-smoking area.


Arrival by car is recommended, but there is also possible to get to Flisa by bus. From Flisa there is 10 kilometers to PAN. For large groups or special needs we can organize the transport. Please contact us by email: post(at)

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The cabins are placed 8 meters above ground. The cabins are not attached to the trees, but are resting on top of braided steel wiring that is placed on four pillars that are anchored to natural rocky ground. This is due to safety measures and for aesthetic reasons. Safety has been an important aspect during the construction and the buildings are measured to withstand more than a double hurricane.


The stay includes linen, cleaning and with the possibility to charge electric cars.

The treetop cabins are located in an area with 4G but they have no installed Wi-Fi. This is a conscious decision as we strongly advice our guests to take a break from cell phones and tablets  iPads to fully be able to enjoy the Pan treetop cabin experience.