Hunting and animal safaris

Finnskogen is an excellent area for nature experiences and hunting has long traditions in the forest areas of eastern Norway. By participating in one of PAN’s hunting and outdoor events, you get an experience that combines nature, wildlife and excitement. You also get a close look at local traditions that have existed for centuries. The events will be customized for PANs guests, so there is no need for much outdoor experience.

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Elk hunting (25.9 to 22.12)
6 hours / Lunch included / 2600 NOK per person / Morning
Elk hunting has very strong traditions at Finnskogen and is the highlight of the year for all hunting enthusiasts. PAN’s guests are picked up by the guide at the lodge and join the elk hunt as an equal part of the hunting team, either as spectators or hunters with their own weapons. The guest will get a thorough introduction to this traditional hunting form. Elk hunting is a social form of hunting so you get to know the hunting team with a lunch over the bonfire. Both good food and good hunting stories are served here.


Goose and duck hunting (1.10 – 15.11)
2 hours / 1200 NOK per person / Early morning or afternoon
At the nature reserve of Gjesåssjøen there is a buzzing bird life at times.  When hunting the large canada goose, timing and concentration is everything. This takes place in the early morning or late afternoon and is carried out under camouflage. Guest hunters are placed on selected areas where goose and ducks are lightly to pass. During this hunting form, a decoy is also used to attract birds.


Beaver hunting (1.4 – 12.5)
3 hours / 1600 NOK per person / Morning or evening
Beaver hunting has high prestige among hunters. The guest hunter is placed by the riverbank in the early morning or late afternoon with a guide. The beaver is most active in the early morning and evening and the guest is posted  where the beaver comes to eat. It is also possible to use a canoe for beaver hunting. Then you paddle along the waterways in the hope of getting a clear shot.


All hunting experiences at PAN Treetop Cabins are led by Knut Erik Aalberg. He is in charge of one of the local hunting teams and has over 40 years of experience as a hunter. Knut is also an experienced guide and knows Finnskogen as his own pockets. In addition to being an active hunter at Finnskogen, he organizes hunting trips to South Africa. With Knut and his colleagues there is no better guarantee for having a great nature experience.

When using hunting weapons in Norway, firearms certificates from the registered country are required. The guide organizes the payment of hunter registrations and testing of the weapons. It is also possible to rent weapons through the guides. When hunting in Finnskogen, the tradition is that the trophy is given to the shooter, while the meat goes to the hunting team. When hunting the regards of the hunting party and the animals have priority over the customers expectations. The set timespan for each event might vary depending on the conditions. There might also be additional fees with registrations, hunting fees and testing of weapons.